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Copper Nickel Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Exporter

Copper Nickel Wire Mesh in Mumbai, India & Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Exporter in Mumbai, India

Copper Nickel Hexagonal Wire Mesh has some of the attractive characteristics such as excellent resistance to uniform corrosion, remarkable resistance to localized corrosion in chlorinated seawater, and higher erosion resistance than other copper alloys and steel. This Cupro Nickel Welding Wire Mesh still enjoy widespread use today not only for many navies but also in commercial shipping, floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs), and in multistage flash desalination. Our Copper Nickel Netting Wire Mesh is excellent on hot and cold workability and is resistant towards atmospheric, brackish water, sea water and non – oxidizing acid corrosion.

This Cupro Nickel Woven Wire Mesh resists corrosion by fast moving water, which is as well highly resistant to SCC. Our Copper Nickel Spring Steel Wire Mesh is a copper – nickel alloy with an alpha phase structure, where the cast structures have alpha dendrites that contain huge quantities of nickel content. These Cupro Nickel Fencing Wire Mesh has undergone tests that indicate it has excellent antimicrobial properties. Our Cu-Ni Wire Mesh is widely used in marine service, offshore platform sea water piping, tidewater power plants, desalination plants, oil refineries, and in the chemical process industry. Of all commercial copper alloys, these Copper Nickel Wire Mesh offers the best resistance to aqueous corrosion.

Siddhgiri Tubes is an eminent Copper-Nickel Wire Mesh Manufacturer, Copper-Nickel Wire Mesh Exporter & Copper-Nickel Wire Mesh Supplier in Mumbai, India, USA, Europe, Malaysia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Oman, UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

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Copper Nickel Wiremesh Specifications

Specifications ASTM B111 / ASME SB111
Standard ASTM, ASME and API
Length 100 mm To 3000 mm Long & Above
Type Wire Mesh , Hexagonal Wiremesh, Welding Wiremesh, Netting Wiremesh, Woven Wiremesh , Spring Steel wire mesh, Fencing Wiremesh etc.

Types of Copper Nickel Wire Mesh

Cu-Ni Hexagonal Wiremesh Cu-Ni Hexagonal Wiremesh Copper Nickel Hexagonal Wiremesh
Cu-Ni Hexagonal Wiremesh
ASTM B111 Hexagonal Wiremesh
Cupro Nickel Welding Wire Mesh Cu-Ni Welding Wiremesh Copper Nickel Welding Wiremesh
Cu-Ni Welding Wiremesh
ASME SB111 Cu Welding Wiremesh
Copper Nickel 90/10 Netting Wire Mesh Cu-Ni Netting Wiremesh Copper Nickel Netting Wiremesh
Cu-Ni Netting Wiremesh
Cupro Nickel Netting Wiremesh
ASTM B111 Cu-Ni Netting Wiremesh
Cu-Ni Woven Wire Mesh Cu-Ni Woven Wiremesh Copper Nickel Woven Wiremesh
Cu-Ni Woven Wiremesh
Cupro Nickel Woven Wiremesh
ASTM B111 Cu-Ni Woven Wiremesh
Copper Spring Steel Wire Mesh Cu-Ni Spring Steel Wire Mesh Copper Nickel Wire Mesh
Cu-Ni Spring Steel Wire Mesh
ASME SB111 Cu-Ni Spring Steel Wire Mesh
Copper Nickel Fencing Wiremesh Cu-Ni Fencing Wiremesh Cupro Nickel Fencing Wiremesh
Cu-Ni Fencing Wiremesh
Copper Fencing Wiremesh
ASME SB111 Cu-Ni Fencing Wiremesh

Other Grades of Copper Nickel Wire Mesh

  • Cupro Nickel 90 / 10 Wire Mesh
  • Cupro Nickel 70 / 30 Wire Mesh
  • Copper Wire Mesh
  • Brass Wire Mesh