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Ferralium 255 Bar, Sheet, Plate, Tube & Pipe

Ferralium 255 - UNS S32550 Common Trade Names (Super Duplex Ferralium 255-SD50, Alloy 255, Alloy F255 )

Siddhgiri Tubes is a leading supplier and exporter of Ferralium 255 Round Bar, Ferralium 255 Sheet & Plate, Ferralium 255 Tube & Pipe.

Ferralium 255 is finding numerous financially savvy applications in the substance, marine, metallurgical, city sanitation, plastics, oil and gas, petrochemical, contamination control, wet phosphoric corrosive, paper making and metalworking ventures.

Called "super" since it is more alloyed than normal stainless steels and has unrivaled consumption resistance, Ferralium 255 is being utilized as a part of ranges where routine stainless' are deficient or, best case scenario peripheral. One great case s in the paper business which was hit with a pestilence of erosion issues when natural laws constrained reusing of procedure fluids In shut frameworks, chemicals, for example, chlorides can develop to very destructive fixations after some time. Paper creators have observed that customary stainless hardware, which had beforehand given great administration, was no more sufficient for some applications.

Siddhgiri Tubes is an eminent Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier & Stockist of Ferralium 255 Round Bar, Ferralium 255 Sheet, Ferralium 255 Sheet, Ferralium 255 Plate, Ferralium 255 Tube, Ferralium 255 Pipe in Mumbai, India, USA, Europe, Malaysia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Oman, UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

Alloy 255 is characterized by the following properties:
1. Superior Corrosion Resistance
2. Pitting
3. Crevice Corrosion
4. Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking
5. General Corrosion In Many Environments
6. Good Ductility
7. High Strength-To-Weight Ratio
8. High Fatigue Strength In Marine Environments
9. Superior Abrasion and Cavitation Erosion Resistance
10. High Mechanical Strength - (over twice the yield strength of austenitic stainless steels)
11. Good Fabricability

Chemical Composition of Ferralium 255 (UNS S32550)




















1 max

0.025 max

0.005 max

0.025 max


Specification of Ferralium 255 (UNS S32550)

Sheet/Plate Round Bar/Wire Pipes & Tubes
ASTM A240 / ASME SA240 ASTM A 276, 479/ ASME SA 276, 479 ASTM A790 / ASME SA790, ASTM A789 / ASME SA A789

Siddhgiri Tubes exports Ferralium 255 Bar, Sheet, Plate, Tube & Pipe to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, China, Peru, Nigeria, Jordan, Muscat, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand (Bangkok), Venezuela, Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Kazaksthan, Jiddah, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Qatar, Oman, Iran, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, France, European Union, New Zealand, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Sudan, Singapore And Netherlands.