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Inconel Alloy 600 UNS N06600 Wire Manufacturer

Inconel Alloy 600 Wire Manufacturer in Mumbai, India & Inconel Alloy 600 Wire Exporter in Mumbai, India

Inconel 600 - UNS N06600 Common Trade Names ( Inconel 600®, Nickelvac® 600, Ferrochronin® 600)

Nickel Alloy 600, additionally sold under the brand name Inconel® Alloy 600. Siddhgiri Tubes is a leading supplier and exporter of Inconel 600 Wire. We provide Inconel Alloy 600 Wire globally as per made-to-order requirements given by our highly valued clients, to meet the quality demands of our customers. Inconel Alloy 600 Wire comes in sizes from 0.25mm to 6mm.

Inconel Alloy 600 Wires are available in various types like ASTM B 166 Inconel 600 Wire, ASME SB 166 Inconel 600 Wire Bobbin, Inconel Alloy 600(UNS No. N06600) Wire Coil, Nickel UNS No. N06600 Filler Wire & Nickel UNS No. N06600 Wire.

Inconel Alloy 600 Wires is exceedingly impervious to chloride-particle stress-erosion splitting because of the high nickel content. Age-solidifying medicines are not required, as Inconel® Alloy 600 is solidified and fortified through cool work as it were. Inconel Alloy 600 Wires can work from cryogenic temperatures to 700°F (370°C).

Inconel Alloy 600 Wires is a Nickel-Chromium-Iron composite with great erosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high quality at high temperatures. It has good ductility and low work hardening rate and it has good weldability and solderability.

inconel alloy 600 wire manufacturer exporter

Chemical Composition of Inconel Alloy 600 (UNS N06600) Wire

















.15 max

1.0 max


.015 max

.5 max

14.0 - 17.0



.5 max





6.0 - 10.0



Mechnaical Properties of Inconel Alloy 600 (UNS N06600) Wire

Density 8.47 g/cm3
Melting Point 1413 °C (2580 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 95,000 , MPa – 655
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 45,000 , MPa – 310
Elongation 40 %

Specification of Inconel Alloy 600 (UNS N06600) Wire

Specification ASTM / ASME B166 / SB166
Size 15NB to 150NB IN
Type Wire, Wire Bobbin, Coil, & Filler Wire.

Specification of Inconel Alloy 600 (UNS N06600) Wire

Sheet/Plate Round Bar/Wire Pipes & Tubes Fittings Forgings
ASTM B168 / ASME SB168, B424 / SB424 , B443 / SB443 ASTM B166 & ASME SB-166 ASTM / ASME SB 161 / B 163 & ASTM / ASME SB 725 / B730 ASTM B366 & ASME SB-366 ASTM B564 & ASME SB-564

Siddhgiri Tubes exports ASTM B166 Inconel Alloy 600 (UNS N06600) Wire to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, China, Peru, Nigeria, Jordan, Muscat, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand (Bangkok), Venezuela, Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Kazaksthan, Jiddah, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Qatar, Oman, Iran, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, France, European Union, New Zealand, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Sudan, Singapore And Netherlands.