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Nickel Wire Mesh Manufacturer & Exporter

Nickel Wire Mesh in Mumbai, India & Inconel Wire Mesh Exporter in Mumbai, India

Siddhgiri Tubes has become as a leading trader and manufacturer of Nickel Alloy Wire Mesh in an extensive range. We as well offer these products in different grades such as Nickel Wire Mesh &Nickel Wire Mesh. Other common alloys and some new super – alloys such as Nickel Hexagonal Wire Mesh comprise most of the remainder of nickel use, with chemical uses for nickel compounds consuming less than 3 % of production. As a compound, Nickel Welding Wire Mesh has a number of niche chemical manufacturing uses, such as a catalyst for hydrogenation. Nickel Netting Wire Mesh is an essential nutrient for some microorganisms and plants that have enzymes with nickel as an active site.

Nickel Woven Wire Mesh is one of only four elements that are magnetic at or near room temperature, the others being iron, cobalt and gadolinium. The Curie temperature of Nickel Spring Steel Wire Mesh is 355 Degree C (671 Degree F), meaning that bulk nickel is non – magnetic above this temperature. Nickel Fencing Wire Mesh should be used in nitric acid only in solutions of up to 0.5 % concentration at room temperature. In pure un – aerated acid, corrosion rates of Nickel Alloy Hexagonal Wire Mesh are low for all concentrations at atmospheric temperatures. Even at room temperature, 60 % – 65 % commercial – grade acid has been found to severely corrode Nickel Alloy Welding Wire Mesh.

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Monel Wiremesh Specifications

Specifications ASTM / ASME B160 / SB160
Standard ASTM, ASME
Length 100 mm To 3000 mm Long & Above
Type Wire Mesh , Hexagonal Wiremesh, Welding Wiremesh, Netting Wiremesh, Woven Wiremesh , Spring Steel wire mesh, Fencing Wiremesh etc.

Types of Monel Wire Mesh

Monel Woven Wiremesh Monel Alloy Woven Wiremesh
Monel Woven Wiremesh
ASTM B 164 Monel Woven Wiremesh
Monel Spring Steel Wire Mesh Monel Alloy Spring Steel Wire Mesh
Monel Spring Steel Wire Mesh
ASME SB 164 Monel Spring Steel Wire Mesh
Monel Fencing Wiremesh Monel Alloy Fencing Wiremesh
Monel Fencing Wiremesh
ASME SA 164 Monel Fencing Wiremesh
Monel Hexagonal Wiremesh Monel  Alloy Hexagonal Wiremesh
Monel Hexagonal Wiremesh
ASTM B 164 Hexagonal Wiremesh
Monel Welding Wiremesh Monel  Alloy Welding Wiremesh
Monel Welding Wiremesh
ASME SB 164 Monel Welding Wiremesh
Monel Netting Wiremesh Monel  Alloy Netting Wiremesh
Monel Netting Wiremesh
ASTM B 164 Monel Netting Wiremesh

Other Grades of Monel Wire Mesh

  • Monel 400 Wire Mesh