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Titanium Gr7 Bar, Sheet, Plate, Tube, Pipe, Fittings & Flanges

Titanium Gr7 - UNS R52400 Common Trade Names (6-4 Titanium, 6-4, Ti 6-4; Titanium Grade 7; Titanium 6AL4V)

Ti-6Al-4V, Titanium Grade 7 alloy(UNS R52400) is the most generally utilized titanium grade. Siddhgiri Tubes is a leading supplier and exporter of Titanium Gr7 Round Bar, Titanium Gr7 Sheet & Plate, Titanium Gr7 Tube & Pipe, Titanium Gr7 Fittings and Titanium Gr7 Flanges.

It is a two stage α+β titanium composite, with aluminum as the alpha stabilizer and vanadium as the beta stabilizer. This high-quality composite can be utilized at cryogenic temperatures to around 800°F (427°C). Ti-6Al-4V, Grade 7 combination is utilized as a part of the tempered condition and in the arrangement treated and matured condition. A few applications include compressor cutting edges, circles, and rings for plane motors; airframe and space case segments; weight vessels; rocket motor cases; helicopter rotor center points; clasp; basic forgings requiring high quality to-weight proportions.

Chemical Composition of Titanium Gr7 (UNS R52400)








.08 max

0.3 max

0.25 min

0.015 max


0.30 max

0.12 - 0.25

Specification of Titanium Gr7 (UNS R52400)

Sheet/Plate Round Bar/Wire Pipe & Tube Extrusions Forgings
ASTM B265 / ASME SB-265 ASTM B348 / ASME SB-348 ASTM B337 / ASME SB-337
ASTM B338 / ASME SB-338
ASTM B363 / ASME SB-363 ASTM B381 / ASME SB-381

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